Common Disaster

Common Disaster,

Common Disaster Meanings:

In a situation where insured and life insurance beneficiaries appear to be dying at the same time, there is no evidence of who died first.

Literal Meanings of Common Disaster


Meanings of Common:
  1. Often found, found or broadcast.

  2. Shared, initiated or created by multiple

  3. (In Latin and some other languages) D refers to the gender of a noun which is traditionally considered masculine or feminine as opposed to non-traditional.

  4. (In the Christian Church) A form of service used for all kinds of events.

Synonyms of Common

recurrent, popular, general, ill-bred, rude, routine, repeated, unsophisticated, regular, frequent, familiar, oafish, gross, rough, vulgar, everyday, unsavoury, habitual, communal, quotidian, savage, ill-mannered, public


Meanings of Disaster:
  1. Sudden events, such as accidents or natural disasters, that cause serious injury or death.

Sentences of Disaster
  1. The disaster killed 159 people

Synonyms of Disaster

tragedy, act of God, cataclysm, holocaust, calamity, catastrophe