Definition of Commodity:

  1. Raw materials or basic agricultural products that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.

  2. Appropriate goods or materials that are reasonably interchangeable that are freely bought and sold as commercial goods. Commodities include agricultural products, fuels and metals and are traded in large quantities in the commodity exchange or spot market.

Synonyms of Commodity

Material, Product, Item, Article, Type of produce, Object, Thing, Artefact, Piece of merchandise

How to use Commodity in a sentence?

  1. Basic products such as copper and coffee.
  2. In Iowa, corn is a very hot and widely available commodity, especially in its growing ideal condition, and is even exported to other countries as a source of food.
  3. Iowa produces large quantities of corn, especially when growing conditions are high, and is even exported to other countries.
  4. Some stockbrokers trade safe bets, primarily as commodity stocks, due to the stable price range of these products.

Meaning of Commodity & Commodity Definition