Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC)

Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC),

Definition of Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC):

  1. In practice, the CCC enacts its mandate by providing various subsidies and incentives to American agricultural producers. The CCC also helps in supporting agricultural exports and international aid programs.

  2. The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is an American state-owned enterprise (SOE) that is tasked with supporting the domestic agricultural sector.

  3. Corporation created by the government in 1933 to regulate prices in the farming industry by various supply and control techniques. The CCC may implement reduction plans to control supply, purchase excess crops to control prices, and control trade related transaction. CCC became part of the Agriculture Department in 1939.

How to use Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) in a sentence?

  1. The CCC is also active internationally, through food aid programs and efforts to modernize foreign agricultural practices.
  2. It accomplishes this through a series of subsidies, price-control mechanisms, and favorable loan programs.
  3. The CCC is a government body dedicated to supporting the American agricultural sector.

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