Definition of Committee:

  1. Individual or a group, appointed by an agency, authority, or larger assembly, to whom a matter is referred, or is committed for attention, investigation, analysis, or resolution. A committee has no power per se, except the power(s) assigned to it by its appointer.

  2. A person entrusted with the charge of another person or another persons property.

  3. A group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group.

Synonyms of Committee

Ad hoc committee, Assemblee, Assembly, Assignation, At home, Ball, Board, Body, Brawl, Cabinet, Caucus, Colloquium, Commission, Committee of one, Conclave, Concourse, Congregation, Congress, Conventicle, Convention, Convocation, Council, Dance, Date, Delegation, Deputation, Diet, Eisteddfod, Festivity, Fete, Forgathering, Forum, Gathering, Get-together, Housewarming, Levee, Meet, Meeting, Mission, Panel, Party, Plenum, Prom, Quorum, Rally, Reception, Rendezvous, Seance, Session, Shindig, Sit-in, Sitting, Soiree, Special committee, Standing committee, Subcommittee, Symposium, Synod, Turnout, Group, Advisory group, Team, Body, Committee, Jury, Council, Board, Commission

How to use Committee in a sentence?

  1. The housing committee.
  2. When trying to make a new risky venture you may have to take it up to a committee to see if they will allow it.
  3. If you want to make a big change to your company you may have to take the idea to a committee for approval.
  4. After the recent hacking incident, the tech company decided to form a security committee to make sure that all necessary steps were taken to ensure company safety.

Meaning of Committee & Committee Definition

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