Definition of Commit:

Send someone to jail, asylum or correctional facility by court order.

Meanings of Commit

  1. Commit or commit (mistake, crime or immoral act)

  2. Organize or associate yourself (an individual or organization) with a particular course or policy.

  3. Move something to (country or location)

Sentences of Commit

  1. An unusual mistake

  2. Hesitant to participate in the declaration

  3. Write a letter, but write, don't write

Synonyms of Commit

engage in, enact , act , perpetrate , carry out , execute, bind, go out for , sin , transgress , execute , obligate, contravene , complete , carry out, pull off , go for broke , trespass , achieve , perpetrate, pledge, wreak , dedicate, do , devote, effectuate , give