Commissions Of Selling Agents Coverage

Commissions Of Selling Agents Coverage,

Definition of Commissions Of Selling Agents Coverage:

  1. Sales commission deduction coverage for commercial agents if the manufacturer they represent cannot supply the product to the producer's factory due to damage or destruction. Insurance coverage aggregate sales commission is limited to minimize operating costs.

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Meanings of Commissions:
  1. An instruction, command, or function given to a person or group.

  2. A group of people hired a government or other government agency to do something.

  3. An amount in a business transaction, usually a fixed percentage of that amount, paid to the agent.

  4. Production or approval order (some)

  5. Use (something new).

  6. The rank of officer in the army, navy or air force.

Sentences of Commissions
  1. One of his first responsibilities was to renovate the Great Exhibition building

  2. A commission has been set up to investigate allegations of police violence

  3. Committing a criminal act

  4. We had some trouble turning on the heater.

  5. Fixed in Royal Fusiliers

Synonyms of Commissions

assignment, bonus, consideration, council, work, convocation, exercise, gratuity, delegation, percentage, committing, dividend, place an order for, undertaking, premium, panel, solution, perpetration, board of commissioners, fee, employment, advisorate, tip, portion, performance, put in an order for, project, directorate, mission, order


Meanings of Of:
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Synonyms of Of

by, caused by, of, carried out by, done by, in, from, made by


Meanings of Selling:
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  2. Convince anyone of the benefits.

  3. Cheating or deception (someone)

  4. Trying to sell or sell something.

  5. Disappointment, usually due to some glitches in the business.

Sentences of Selling
  1. They sell cars

  2. Sells the idea of ​​making a film about Chachowski

Synonyms of Selling

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Meanings of Agents:
  1. Someone else is working on behalf of the individual or group.

  2. People or objects that play an active role or cause certain effects.

Sentences of Agents
  1. If you are ill, the power of attorney permanently allows the nephew to act as your representative

  2. Higher education is generally a liberal class that often sees itself as an agent of social change.

Synonyms of Agents

liaison, medium, business manager, frontman, instrument, spokeswoman, vehicle, broker, negotiator, proxy, go-between, envoy, trustee, delegate, spokesman, emissary, representative, means, spokesperson, mouthpiece, surrogate, factor