Definition of Commission:

  1. Appoint (someone) to the rank of officer in the armed services.

  2. A group of people officially charged with a particular function.

  3. An instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people.

  4. The action of committing a crime or offense.

  5. A warrant conferring the rank of officer in an army, navy, or air force.

  6. Give an order for or authorize the production of (something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art).

  7. Mutually agreed upon, or fixed by custom or law, fee accruing to an agent, broker, or salesperson for facilitating, initiating, and/or executing a commercial transaction.

  8. Formal body comprising of one or more experts formed on an ad hoc or continuing basis to address, debate, and/or exhaustively investigate matters within the expertise of its members or within the scope of the commissions mandate. Unlike councils, commissions may have advisory, quasi-judicial, or regulatory powers.

  9. An amount of money, typically a set percentage of the value involved, paid to an agent in a commercial transaction.

  10. Bring (something newly produced, such as a factory or machine) into working condition.

Synonyms of Commission

Order, Put in an order for, Place an order for, Contract for, Pay for, Committee, Board, Board of commissioners, Council, Panel, Directorate, Advisory body, Advisorate, Convocation, Delegation, Percentage, Brokerage, Share, Portion, Dividend, Premium, Fee, Consideration, Bonus, Gratuity, Tip, Honorarium, Accomplishment, Accredit, Achievement, Administration, Allotment, Allowance, Appoint, Assemblee, Assembly, Assign, Assignation, Assignment, At home, Authorize, Avails, Ball, Bicameral legislature, Bid, Big end, Bigger half, Bit, Bite, Board of aldermen, Box office, Brawl, Budget, Busywork, Call on, Call the signals, Call upon, Caucus, Chamber of deputies, Chare, Charge, Charter, Chore, Chunk, City board, City council, Cobble, Colloquium, Command, Commission, Commissions, Commit, Committee, Common council, Completion, Conclave, Concourse, Condition, Conduct, Congregation, Congress, Consign, Contingent, Conventicle, Convention, Convocation, Council, Court, Credit, Credits, Cut, Dance, Darn, Date, Deal, Declare, Decree, Delegate, Delegation, Deputation, Depute, Deputize, Designate, Designate an agent, Destiny, Detach, Detail, Devolute, Devolve, Devolve upon, Dictate, Diet, Direct, Direction, Discharge, Dispatch, Disposable income, Dividend, Dividends, Do up, Doctor, Dole, Duty, Earned income, Earnings, Effectuation, Eisteddfod, Empower, Enable, Enactment, End, Enjoin, Entrust, Equal share, Errand, Execution, Exercise, Fate, Federal assembly, Festivity, Fete, Fish to fry, Fix, Fix up, Forgathering, Forum, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Gathering, General assembly, Get, Get-together, Give an order, Give in charge, Give the word, Gross, Gross income, Gross receipts, Half, Halver, Handling, Helping, Homework, House of assembly, Housewarming, Implementation, Income, Injunction, Instruct, Instruction, Intake, Interest, Issue a command, Issue a writ, Job, Job of work, Labor, Legislative assembly, Legislative body, Legislative chamber, Legislature, Levee, License, Lot, Lower chamber, Lower house, Make, Make-work, Management, Mandate, Matters in hand, Measure, Meed, Meet, Meeting, Mend, Mess, Mission, Modicum, Moiety, Name, National assembly, Net, Net income, Net receipts, Nominate, Odd job, Ordain, Order, Order about, Output, Overhaul, Panel, Parliament, Part, Party, Patch, Patch up, Percentage, Performance, Perpetration, Piece, Piece of work, Plenum, Portion, Post, Precept, Prescript, Prescription, Proceeds, Proclaim, Produce, Profits, Project, Prom, Promulgate, Pronounce, Proportion, Provincial legislature, Provincial parliament, Put in commission, Put in order, Put in repair, Put in shape, Quantum, Quorum, Quota, Rake-off, Rally, Ration, Ready, Recap, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Reception, Recondition, Rendezvous, Repair, Representative town meeting, Retread, Returns, Revenue, Royalties, Royalty, Rule, Say the word, Seance, Segment, Send out, Service, Session, Set to rights, Sew up, Share, Shindig, Sit-in, Sitting, Slice, Small share, Soiree, Soviet, Stake, State assembly, State legislature, Stint, Stock, Subcommittee, Symposium, Synod, Take, Take-in, Takings, Task, Teaching, Things to do, Tinker, Tinker up, Town meeting, Transaction, Transfer, Turnout, Unearned income, Unicameral legislature, Upper chamber, Upper house, Warrant, Work, Yield, Task, Employment, Job, Work, Piece of work, Project, Mission, Assignment, Undertaking, Exercise, Enterprise, Endeavour, Solution, Perpetration, Committing, Committal, Execution, Performance

How to use Commission in a sentence?

  1. Foreign banks may charge a commission.
  2. The portrait was commissioned by his widow in 1792.
  3. The real estate office charged a small commission on every house sold and used this fee as an incentive for the agents to sell more houses.
  4. The artist was given a commission to creatively paint a wall in a house in one week for one hundred dollars.
  5. He received a commission to act as an informer.
  6. The real estate agent was eager to sell the nervous young couple their new apartment because she wanted to earn her commission which was agreed upon by the company for which she worked.
  7. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
  8. He was commissioned after attending midshipman school.
  9. We had a few hiccups getting the heating equipment commissioned.
  10. Use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.
  11. He has resigned his commission.

Meaning of Commission & Commission Definition