Definition of Commingling:

  1. Mix; blend.

  2. Accounting: Mixing a firms cash with personal funds, a practice that always attracts adverse attention from the taxation authorities, and may make the offender personally liable for the firms obligations.

  3. Shipping: Packing two or more articles or commodities (each subject to a different rate of duty) in a manner that the quantity and/or value of the individual items cannot be assessed without segregating them. Customs usually levy the highest rate of duty (applicable to any component of a commingled shipment) on the entire shipment.

Synonyms of Commingling

Blend, Mingle, Combine, Put together, Stir, Jumble, Merge

How to use Commingling in a sentence?

  1. The part of the brain where the senses commingle.

Meaning of Commingling & Commingling Definition