Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate,

What is The Meaning of Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial property (CRE) is property that is used exclusively for commercial purposes or it does not serve as a residential space, but represents a residential building. Commercial properties are often leased to tenants to generate income-generating activities. This wide range of properties can range from a simple shop window to a large mall.

  • Commercial property is property that is used exclusively for commercial purposes or to generate income.
  • There are four main types of commercial property: offices, multi-location industrial rentals and retail businesses.
  • Commercial real estate offers rental income and the potential to increase value to investors.
  • Investing in commercial real estate usually requires more sophisticated and investor capital than investing in residential real estate.
  • Immovable property in public Immovable property funds (REITs) are a way for people to invest in indirect commercial real estate.

Literal Meanings of Commercial Real Estate


Meanings of Commercial:
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Sentences of Commercial
  1. Mass marketing includes print advertising as well as radio and television advertising.

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Synonyms of Commercial

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