Commercial Monopoly

Commercial Monopoly,

Definition of Commercial Monopoly:

  • Controlling a product or service through a market or a supplier practically eliminates competition.

Literal Meanings of Commercial Monopoly


Meanings of Commercial:
  1. Interested or dedicated to negotiations.

  2. Try to make a profit.

  3. (TV or radio) is funded by advertising revenue.

  4. (Chemical) is supplied in bulk and not in high purity.

  5. Television or radio commercials.

Sentences of Commercial
  1. Business agreement

  2. Commercial products

  3. The adventure was described by a film crew for a documentary that will be shown on commercial and satellite television channels throughout Italy.

  4. According to James, gardening in the broadest sense means that organic gardening can be done without the help of commercial chemicals.

  5. Mass marketing includes print advertising as well as radio and television advertising.

Synonyms of Commercial

trade, trading, business, private enterprise, mercantile, merchant, sales, profit-oriented, money-oriented, commercialized, materialistic, mercenary, advertisement, promotion, display


Meanings of Monopoly:
  1. Exclusive ownership or control over the supply or marketing of products or services.

  2. A board game in which players engage in virtual money for real estate transactions and financial transactions. It was discovered in the United States and was coined by Charles Darrow around 1935.

Sentences of Monopoly
  1. Its potential purpose is to protect its territorial monopoly

  2. He spent thousands of pounds on the collection, including the Batman and Robin versions of the monopoly, ، 700 on monopoly fruit machines and custom wooden planks.