Commercial Flood

Commercial Flood,

What is The Definition of Commercial Flood?

Meaning of Commercial Flood: Separate flood insurance is sold to commercial companies.

Literal Meanings of Commercial Flood


Meanings of Commercial:
  1. An advertisement on television or radio.

  2. Interested in or committed to trade.

  3. Make a profit or plan to make a profit.

  4. Revenue from radio advertising (from television or radio) is financed.

  5. (Chemicals) are supplied in large quantities, not of high purity.

Sentences of Commercial
  1. Mass marketing includes print advertising as well as radio and television advertising.

  2. Business agreement

  3. Commercial products

  4. The adventure was accompanied by a documentary crew that will be broadcast on commercial and satellite television channels throughout Italy.

  5. In a broad sense, according to James, organic gardening is working without the help of commercial chemicals.

Synonyms of Commercial

money-oriented, sales, business, commercialized, trade, trading, merchant, materialistic, mercantile, private enterprise, display, advertisement, promotion, profit-oriented, mercenary


Meanings of Flood:
  1. Cover or sink with water (a place or area)

  2. Arrive in extraordinary quantities or in extraordinary quantities.

  3. Large amounts of running water exceed normal limits, especially on land that is often dry.

  4. A flood of tears or emotions.

  5. Projector acronym

Sentences of Flood
  1. The dam broke and the small town was flooded

  2. The sun's rays flood the windows

  3. Rose was crying and crying as if she had never seen him before

  4. White smoke glowed in the light in the rain.

Synonyms of Flood

inundate, surge, outpouring, swamp, deluge, immerse, engulf, crowd, torrent, swamping, inundation, drown, throng, pour, gush, submerge, rush, flow, pile, cascade, stream, swarm