Commercial Fire

Commercial Fire,

What is Commercial Fire?

  1. This coverage includes all properties that are not used as housing, except for agriculture and industry, with fire damage.

Literal Meanings of Commercial Fire


Meanings of Commercial:
  1. Interested or dedicated to negotiations.

  2. Earn or try to make a profit.

  3. (TV or radio) provides financial support through radio advertising products.

  4. (Chemical) is supplied in bulk and not in high purity.

  5. Television or radio commercials.

Sentences of Commercial
  1. Business agreement

  2. Commercial products

  3. The adventure was described by a film crew for a documentary that will be shown on commercial and satellite television channels throughout Italy.

  4. According to James, gardening in the broadest sense means that organic gardening can be done without the help of commercial chemicals.

  5. Mass marketing includes print, radio, and television commercials.

Synonyms of Commercial

trade, trading, business, private enterprise, mercantile, merchant, sales, profit-oriented, money-oriented, commercialized, materialistic, mercenary, advertisement, promotion, display


Meanings of Fire:
  1. Combustion, or combustion, in which substances chemically combine with oxygen in the air and usually emit bright light, heat, and smoke.

  2. Sensation in the body.

  3. Firing with firearms, especially firearms.

  4. Disassembly of firearms or other weapons for explosive proportions (bullets or estimates)

  5. Termination of employment (employee).

  6. Fuel supply (oven, engine, boiler or power plant)

  7. Exciting or exciting (imagination or emotion)

  8. Bake or dry in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.).

Sentences of Fire
  1. The fire destroyed his house

  2. The whiskey caught fire in his throat

  3. machine gun

  4. Repulsion of prisoners

  5. The liquid gas heater can start.

  6. India burned my imagination

  7. Methane is used to burn bricks in a nearby factory.

Synonyms of Fire

gunfire, firing, sniping, flak, bombardment, launch, shoot, discharge, eject, hurl, throw, send flying, let fly with, loose off, shy, send, dismiss, give someone their notice, lay off, let go, throw out, get rid of, oust, depose, power, charge, fire, stoke up, supply with fuel, stimulate