Commercial Bill

Commercial Bill,

Commercial Bill: What is the Meaning of Commercial Bill?

  1. The definition of Commercial Bill is: (Also known as bill exchange) - A form of commercial loan that is based solely on interest or low interest rates. Commercial receipts often require some form of security and meet short-term financing requirements, such as: B inventory.

Literal Meanings of Commercial Bill


Meanings of Commercial:
  1. An advertisement on television or radio.

  2. Interested or committed to trade.

  3. Make a profit or plan to make a profit.

  4. (TV or radio) which is funded by the results of advertising broadcasts.

  5. (Chemicals) are supplied in large quantities and not with the highest purity.

Sentences of Commercial
  1. Mass marketing includes print advertising as well as radio and television advertising.

  2. Business agreement

  3. Commercial products

  4. The adventure was filmed by a film crew to show a documentary on Italian commercial and satellite television channels.

  5. In its broadest definition, according to James, organic gardening is about doing this without the help of commercial chemicals.

Synonyms of Commercial

promotion, advertisement, materialistic, private enterprise, money-oriented, trade, commercialized, mercenary, display, merchant, profit-oriented, trading, sales, mercantile, business


Meanings of Bill:
  1. A list (a person or event) in a program.

  2. Send an expense report to (someone)

  3. The amount of money for the supply of goods or services as stated in a printed or written expense report

  4. A bill was introduced in Parliament for discussion.

  5. An animation program, mainly in the theater.

  6. Paper money, paper coins.

  7. Posters or flyers.

  8. The beak of a bird, especially if it belongs to a thin, flat, weak, or swimming bird, or a family of pigeons.

Sentences of Bill
  1. He was accused of pretending but not showing.

  2. We will compensate for the losses incurred.

  3. The food bill is 17 17

  4. Debate on civil rights law

  5. He headed the most important type of house in America.

  6. Muscle beak

  7. Circus organizers have put up posters all over the city

  8. The American Coat is a medium-sized bird with a white beak, yellow legs and curved legs.

  9. Two birds, completely white, pink beaks, black eyes, pigeons, perched in front of my window on Delhi and whistled like birds in spring.

  10. The trees in your garden have been cut down with claws.

Synonyms of Bill

proposed legislation, beak, programme of entertainment, measure, invoice, announcement, banknote, send an invoice to, public notice, poster, announce, charge, draft law, programme, list of charges, send a statement to, promote, post, advertisement, advertise, proposal, account, put up in lights, note, give advance notice of, list, statement, line-up