Commercial bank

Commercial bank,

Definition of Commercial bank:

  1. A bank that provides services to the general public and companies.

  2. Commercial banks make money by providing loans and charging interest on these loans. The types of loans offered by commercial banks vary and can include mortgages, auto loans, commercial loans and personal loans. A commercial bank can specialize in one or more types of loans.

  3. A commercial bank is a type of financial institution that accepts deposits, checks account services, gives various types of loans and provides basic financial products, such as certificates of deposit (CD) and individuals and small Savings accounts for businesses. In commercial banks, most people offer their banking services unlike investment banks.

  4. Private financial institutions that accept (1) discoveries and time deposits, (2) lend to individuals and organizations, and (3) provide document collection services, international banking and commercial finance. Since most reserves are repaid on demand by commercial banks, short-term loans are preferred over long-term loans (managed by organizations such as development finance companies and mortgage lenders).

Synonyms of Commercial bank

Financial institution

How to use Commercial bank in a sentence?

  1. Commercial banks make money by lending and charging interest on these loans.
  2. A growing number of commercial banks are operating exclusively online, and all transactions with commercial banks should be electronic.
  3. I want to send my money to a commercial bank because I think it is more reliable and trustworthy.
  4. The potential expansion of these transactions has led to an increase in the assets and liabilities of central and commercial banks.
  5. There is no difference between the various owners of commercial currency or the types of money raised from the central bank, such as the Federal Reserve.
  6. When you have a good commercial bank, your business can grow and develop much more easily.
  7. Sometimes, when you try to borrow from big banks and it doesn't work, you can try commercial banks.

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