Definition of Commerce:

  1. Exchange of goods or services for money or in kind, usually on a scale large enough to require transportation from place to place or across city, state, or national boundaries.

  2. The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.

  3. Social dealings between people.

Synonyms of Commerce

Bag, Balling, Basis, Business, Carnal knowledge, Climax, Cohabitation, Coition, Coitus, Coitus interruptus, Collegiality, Communication, Communion, Community, Concern, Concernment, Congress, Connection, Contact, Conversation, Converse, Copula, Copulation, Correspondence, Coupling, Dealing, Dealings, Diddling, Employ, Employment, Enterprise, Exchange, Fellowship, Fornication, Function, Industry, Information, Interaction, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercommunion, Intercourse, Interest, Interplay, Intimacy, Labor, Linguistic intercourse, Lookout, Lovemaking, Making it with, Marital relations, Marketing, Marriage act, Mating, Matter, Meat, Mercantilism, Merchandising, Message, Occupation, Onanism, Orgasm, Ovum, Pareunia, Procreation, Relations, Reply, Response, Screwing, Service, Social relations, Speaking, Speech, Speech circuit, Speech situation, Takeoff, Talking, Telepathy, Thing, Touch, Trade, Traffic, Trafficking, Truck, Two-way communication, Undertaking, Venery, Work, Trade, Trading, Buying and selling, Business, Bargaining, Dealing, Traffic, Trafficking

How to use Commerce in a sentence?

  1. In that city at that time it was the custom that any woman who had commerce with any man not her husband would be taken as an adulteress and die for it, unless she was a woman of the streets.
  2. I suggested e commerce as the most effective means of selling the product as considerable demand exists on the internet.
  3. When working in the commerce field it is good to have a good business sense to stay ahead of the competition.
  4. In ancient Ghana traders transcended language barriers by engaging in silent barter, a commerce system that allowed for the exchange of gold and salt without requiring the two groups to meet in person.
  5. The possible increase of commerce by a great railroad.
  6. Outside the normal commerce of civilized life.

Meaning of Commerce & Commerce Definition