Definition of Comity:

  1. An association of nations for their mutual benefit.

  2. Mutual civility and courtesy among independent entities (courts, nations, organizations) expressed in informal and voluntary recognition and respect for one anothers culture, customs, institutions, judgments, and laws.

  3. Courtesy and considerate behavior toward others.

Synonyms of Comity

Friendship, Friendliness, Peace, Peacefulness, Peaceableness, Harmony, Harmoniousness, Understanding, Accord, Concord, Concurrence, Cooperation, Amicableness, Goodwill, Cordiality, Warmth, Geniality, Fellowship, Fraternity, Brotherhood, Brotherliness, Courtesy, Courteousness, Politeness, Good manners, Mannerliness, Gentlemanliness, Chivalry, Gallantry, Graciousness, Consideration, Respect, Gentility

How to use Comity in a sentence?

  1. A show of public comity in the White House.
  2. The comity between Canada and the United States is testimony to the strength of liberal peace.

Meaning of Comity & Comity Definition