What is The Definition of Combinations?

  • A special form of comprehensive insurance that includes personal car insurance and content insurance.

Meanings of Combinations

  1. Assemble or cast different or standard parts where individual components are different.

  2. The sequence of numbers or letters that unlocks the compound lock

  3. The motorcycle is attached to the sidewalk.

  4. The same underwear that covers the body and legs.

  5. Choose a specific number of articles regardless of the order.

Sentences of Combinations

  1. A beautiful combination of theater, dance and music

  2. Below the image is a safe: Collection 210319

  3. Running with a specially designed combination of motorcycle and sedicar is a familiar sport, but naturally it is very dangerous.

  4. His last post was on combinations, where he used (M, N) hints to combine selected N items from M items.

Synonyms of Combinations

fusing, synthesis, amalgam, concoction, mixture, blend, integration, merger, compound, coalition, incorporation, mix, pooling, mingling, alloy, weave, coalescence, composition, union, marriage, amalgamation, meld, composite

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Combinations: What is the Meaning of Combinations?

A special form of comprehensive insurance consisting of personal insurance and health insurance.

Meanings of Combinations

  1. The combination or integration of different parts or qualities in which the elements of individual components are different.

  2. A set of numbers or letters used to unlock a collection.

  3. Motorcycle with attached side car

  4. An underwear that covers the body and legs.

  5. Choose a specific number of elements from a large number, regardless of setting.

Sentences of Combinations

  1. Wool jump suit

Synonyms of Combinations

fusion, conjunction, mash-up