Combination Plans

Combination Plans,

Combination Plans Meanings:

  1. Meaning of Combination Plans: Life insurance that combines the features of term life insurance and life insurance features.

Literal Meanings of Combination Plans


Meanings of Combination:
  1. Fusion of different parts or features in which the components are different from each other.

  2. A series of numbers or letters used to unlock a combination.

  3. Regardless of the arrangement, choose from a large number of elements.

Sentences of Combination
  1. This color combination is very useful

  2. Joint case

  3. It deals with the combination of the final participle in which it uses the indicator (M, N) to combine the selected N object from the M object.

Synonyms of Combination

blend, composition, compound, synthesis, conjunction, weave, marriage, composite, pooling, coalition, mixture, fusion, concoction, union, meld, amalgam, merger, integration, mix, mingling, alloy, fusing, amalgamation, coalescence, incorporation


Meanings of Plans:
  1. Make decisions and take the necessary steps in advance.

Sentences of Plans
  1. He had planned the garden from the beginning

Synonyms of Plans

system, formulate, arrangement, line up, target, ambition, object, agenda, set up, intent, make a representation of, stratagem, develop, aspiration, idea, shape, goal, project, proposal, proposition, procedure, game plan