Combien Je Vaux De Chameaux

Combien Je Vaux De Chameaux

How many camels and goats do you think women have? ۔

Blink of an eye for everyone who has had the opportunity to visit Tunisia and see this local folk tale :))

Ah ah! This is really a tourist trap ............ In Morocco, my husband wanted to take a camel with him while he left me there .............. Curse This, man is behind it, he doesn't want me !!! , Do you realize?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. And you need to talk about it here. It's a pity, another time. I'm open-minded, you know, but that's not acceptable. When will we stop this pseudo-change?

There are better goats than women!

Now she is a woman against justice !!

Lou Bo Louis: Yet!

see blonde, brunettes to see hahaha

Some goats, I think people keep saying I'm happy when I talk)

Combien Je Vaux De Chameaux