Definition of Column:

  1. Upright structural member used primarily in supporting axial compression loads, and commonly having a height at least three times its width or thickness.

  2. A vertical division of a page or text.

  3. Vertical block or section of printed text separated from other blocks or sections by a blank space or fine-ruled line in a publication such as a newspaper.

  4. An upright pillar, typically cylindrical and made of stone or concrete, supporting an entablature, arch, or other structure or standing alone as a monument.

  5. One or more lines of people or vehicles moving in the same direction.

Synonyms of Column

Pillar, Post, Pole, Support, Upright, Vertical, Baluster, Pier, Pile, Piling, Pilaster, Stanchion, Standard, Prop, Buttress, Line, File, Queue, Procession, Rank, Row, String, Chain, Train, Trail, Progression, Succession, Cavalcade, Parade, Motorcade, Carcade, Cort├Ęge, Convoy, KP, Antenna tower, Arcade, Arch, Army, Army group, Article, Atlas, Baluster, Balustrade, Banister, Barbican, Barrel, Barrow, Base, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Belfry, Bell tower, Bole, Book, Boundary stone, Brace, Brass, Brigade, Bust, Buttress, Cadre, Cairn, Campanile, Caravan, Caryatid, Cask, Cavalcade, Cenotaph, Chapter, Clause, Cohort, Colonnade, Colonnette, Colossus, Combat command, Combat team, Company, Corps, Cortege, Cromlech, Cross, Cup, Cupola, Cyclolith, Cylinder, Cylindroid, Dado, Derrick, Detachment, Detail, Die, Division, Dolmen, Dome, Dress parade, Drum, Fascicle, Field army, Field train, File, Fire tower, Flying column, Flyover, Footstalk, Footstone, Funeral, Garrison, Grave, Gravestone, Headstone, Hoarstone, Inscription, Installment, Jack, Kitchen police, Lantern, Legion, Lighthouse, Line, Livraison, Maniple, March past, Marker, Martello, Martello tower, Mast, Mausoleum, Megalith, Memento, Memorial, Memorial arch, Memorial column, Memorial statue, Memorial stone, Menhir, Minaret, Monolith, Monument, Motorcade, Mound, Mule train, Necrology, Newel-post, Obelisk, Obituary, Observation tower, Organization, Outfit, Pack train, Pagoda, Parade, Paragraph, Part, Passage, Pedestal, Pedicel, Peduncle, Peristyle, Phalanx, Phrase, Pier, Pilaster, Pile, Piling, Pillar, Pinnacle, Pipe, Plaque, Platoon, Plinth, Pole, Pomp, Portico, Posse, Post, Prize, Procession, Promenade, Prop, Pylon, Pyramid, Queen-post, Rank, Regiment, Reliquary, Remembrance, Review, Ribbon, Roll, Roller, Rostral column, Rouleau, Section, Serial, Shaft, Shore, Shrine, Skimmington, Skyscraper, Socle, Spire, Squad, Squadron, Staff, Stalk, Stanchion, Stand, Standard, Standpipe, Stay, Steeple, Stela, Stem, Stone, Stream, String, Stupa, Subbase, Surbase, Tablet, Tactical unit, Task force, Telamon, Television mast, Testimonial, Tomb, Tombstone, Tope, Tour, Tower, Train, Troop, Trophy, Trunk, Tube, Turret, Underpinning, Unit, Upright, Verse, Volume, Water tower, Windmill tower, Wing

How to use Column in a sentence?

  1. A wide entrance portico of eight Ionic columns.
  2. A column of tanks moved northwest.
  3. Turn to page five, column seven.

Meaning of Column & Column Definition