Color Of Confusion

Color Of Confusion

Which color represents which? 3

For my art, I have to create abstract art based on emotions.

I use zig zag, vertical, diagonal and tabular lines.

To eliminate this, I now have to choose a color that matches this feeling.


Dark purple, dark gray, dark blue, some yellow rays.

What color does consciousness represent?

The colors that generate energy fast and the shapes you use will make art look ridiculous.

1. Turquoise blue and orange


2. Lime green and red


Purple and yellow


Or your accent?

If you do not have open space with tangled zigzags and / or loose lines, it becomes uncomfortable and poses a kind of suffocation to the viewer and perhaps to you while painting.

Drink plenty of water!

Color Of Confusion

Color Of Confusion

Some shades of blue along with some shades of red (especially dark red and computer blue) are especially annoying when mixed together.

Dark purple, red and lots of dark green colors are applied randomly.

Lime green and arena orange with gray array ....

If this is seriously considered ... I would choose a monochromatic gray and tail that go well together.

Yellow when I think about it ... I don't know why.

Match all colors, especially gray and green brooches.

Color Of Confusion

Color Of Confusion

Lime green several neon colors

Sibling color, purple or anthracite.

Color Of Confusion