Colonel Angus

Colonel Angus

What's the joke behind Colonel Angus?

The SNL sketch shows people talking about Colonel Angus in a Mediterranean accent ... what he says has a double meaning.

Colonel Angus.

Colonel Angus is a comic sketch aired on Shadow HT Live Television, which became famous for its use. The parody, which aired live on February 22, 2003 in the 28th season of SNL, featured SW St. Christopher Walken as Colonel Enol Angus of the Civil War.

The parody takes place on an estate in the south, where Annabelle Plantation Woman (Rachel Drecht Plan) and her daughter Melinda (Amy Pohler) sit on the porch, waiting for the colonel to return. A large banner read "Welcome Colonel Angus." The SS joke in which Annabelle and Melinda talked about the Colonel's impending arrival was very similar, using a phrase taken from Colonel Angus when spoken in a Mediterranean accent. When the joke was over, the parody mocked the colonel, Enol Angus, who appeared. The sketch also features Chris Parnell (as a property offer), Maya Rudolph (as Bedelia) and Jeff Richards (as the farmer's son). Tina Fei wrote the script.

To extract:

Melinda: Dad, he says all women like Colonel Angus.

He: Hmmmmm ... I don't know why everyone is laughing at Colonel Angus.

Annabelle: I never liked Colonel Angus. It bothers me the wrong way. Not sure why I can't point a finger at that.

ele: Colonel Angus is an acquired flavor.

Praise the colonel.

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What's the joke behind Colonel Angus?

Colonel Angus