Collision Deductive Waiver

Collision Deductive Waiver,

Collision Deductive Waiver: What is the Meaning of Collision Deductive Waiver?

Collision Deductive Waiver means, If you are hit by a negligent, uninsured driver, this insurance covers your deduction in the event of a collision.

Definition of Collision Deductive Waiver: If you are hit by a negligent and uninsured driver, this insurance covers your deduction in the event of a collision. Collective shipping liability coverage for a carrier that requires the customer to carry the goods, as long as the customer is willing to pay. Examples are transport companies, bus routes and airlines.

Literal Meanings of Collision Deductive Waiver


Meanings of Collision:
  1. Examples of moving objects or people hitting someone hard

  2. An event where two or more records are assigned the same identifier or location.

Synonyms of Collision

hit, clash, bump, impact, crash, knock, strike, accident


Meanings of Deductive:
  1. Derivative of or based on individual matters of customary law.

Sentences of Deductive
  1. I use my subtraction

  2. According to Goodman, we formulate rules of deduction logic based on intuitively correct deduction measures.

  3. The point is, this is not an example of a general deduction or probability principle, or at least not a clear example.

  4. However, the deduction results are all correct.

  5. If the seductive gesture teaches us something new, unlike the dependent gesture, it is because it is not a theology.

  6. We just need to understand a simple and low deduction on how physical property can help property and the economy.

  7. Neither deduction nor rational reasoning can explain how we can immediately recognize that the principles are true.

Synonyms of Deductive

cogent, valid, well thought out, sound, rational, well reasoned


Meanings of Waiver:
  1. Rights or waiver measures or matters.

  2. Documents proving waivers or claims.

Sentences of Waiver
  1. Agree to give up your assigned rights

  2. Incentives should include tax breaks, for example, for appropriate equipment used in production that does not harm the environment.

  3. Subject to waiver of all claims prior to January 1, 1993.

  4. It is alleged that the agreement provides for a waiver of legal rights.

  5. If the formula causes certain and serious injustices, the Bar Association offers the same exception as before.

  6. If the court refuses to grant the waiver, you must confirm it in writing.

  7. Nixon said surrogacy exemptions are becoming more common in all types of contracts, although their content and scope vary across the country.

  8. She is preparing a separation agreement that includes a waiver for spouse assistance.

  9. Since they are not privileged, it is not clear whether their disclosure may be an exception.

  10. At current levels, the discount is equivalent to a contribution of 13 13.6 million and could continue to rise if the price of Halliburton shares continues to rise.

Synonyms of Waiver

rejection, repudiation, dispensation, disaffirmation, refusal, relinquishment, abandonment, deferral, disavowal, abdication, surrender