Collective bargaining agreement

Collective bargaining agreement,

Definition of Collective bargaining agreement:

  1. Written, legally enforceable contract for a specified period (usually one year), between the management of an organization and its employees represented by an independent trade union. It sets down and defines conditions of employment (wages, working hours and conditions, overtime payments, holidays, vacations, benefits, etc.) and procedures for dispute resolution. Also called labor agreement, union agreement, or union contract.

How to use Collective bargaining agreement in a sentence?

  1. The collective bargaining agreement entered into by the firm was non-negotiable so it was upheld in the court of law.
  2. They reached a collective bargaining agreement and then broke for lunch, so they could discuss if they had made the right choice.
  3. When you enter into a collective bargaining agreement you must follow everything you agreed to or damage your reputation permanently.

Meaning of Collective bargaining agreement & Collective bargaining agreement Definition