Definition of Collateral:

  1. People from other families, but of the same race in a different lineage.

  2. They are parallel to each other.

  3. Before a lender lends you money, they want to know if you can repay it. That is why many of them need some kind of protection. This title is known as suicide, which reduces the risk to the lender. This helps the borrowers to meet their financial obligations. If the borrower defaults, the lender can seize the collateral and sell it using the money received on the balance of the loan. Lenders can take legal action against borrowers to recover the remaining balance.

  4. Secondary, subordinate or additional items that accompany the main item.

  5. Items to guarantee the repayment of lost debts in case of default.

  6. From the same stock, but from a different line.

  7. Suicide refers to the assets that a lender receives as a collateral for a loan. Suicide can be in the form of immovable property or other types of assets, depending on the purpose of the loan. Security acts as a protection for lenders. In other words, if borrowers fail to pay their debts, lenders can set up a suicide attack and sell it to cover some or all of their losses.

  8. Some assets (such as land or a building) that are mortgaged (and subjugated) by the borrower or guarantor. The real security is usually the personal security of the borrower's company or the company's cash flow. With the exception of high-profile consumers (who can only obtain loans through purchases), lenders are called upon whenever the primary collateral is found to be in unreliable or sufficiently default condition to collect the loan. Suicide attack is required. Guarantees are created when the guarantee is registered in the public registry, lenders registered in the same asset or property are preferred over other lenders. The lender has a legal right to commit suicide and sell it if the borrower is unable to repay the loan under this agreement. Sometimes assets are being financed (such as accounts receivable, inventories, machines) used as collateral for mortgages, and property is purchased as collateral. See also warranty value and cross guarantee clause.

  9. Additional secondary, but subordinate.

Synonyms of Collateral

Parallelogrammic, Extra, Equal, Ascititious, Coeval, Ancillary, Stake, Collateral relative, Coinstantaneous, Relations, Cognate, Surplus, Tribesman, Conjugate, Debris, Clansman, Superadded, Isochronous, Another, Tied, Deposit, Backing, People, Distantly related, Coming, Connections, Mutual, Concurrent, Spear kin, Nondivergent, Kin, Aligned, Conterminous, Kelter, Near relation, Spindle side, Bond, Attendant, Conjoint, Fresh, Closely related, Side by side, Knotted, Affiliate, Ancillary, Germane, Twin, Supplementary, Accidental, Indemnity, Indemnification, Accessory, Affiliated, Concomitant, Coincident, Supervenient, Plus, Accompanying, Sword side, Superfluous, Caution money, Paired, Final, Family, Not-self, New, Kinsman, Caution, Nonessential, Circumstantial, Insurance, Of the blood, Pledge, Fortuitous, Coexisting, Congeneric, Matroclinous, Auxiliary, Junk, Other, Equispaced, Parallelepipedal, Yoked, Patroclinous, Mere chance, Kindred, Derived, Accompanying, Agnate, Guarantee, Parallel, Akin, Resultant, Implicated, Parallelinervate, Derivative, Correlated, Consanguine, Secondary, Unison, Happenstance, Spear side, Ultimate, Coupled, Incidental, Kinfolk, Patrilineal, Collateral security, Concomitant, Spliced, Interrelated, Uterine kin, Unessential, Accident, Indirect, Casual, Unintended, Incidental, Interlinked, Folks, Aligned, Matrilateral, Addendum, Related, Relatives, Coeternal, Forfeit, Additional, Coextending, Associate, Simultaneous, Contemporaneous, Posterity, Wed, An, Supplemental, Joined, Parallelogrammatic, Addition, Riffraff, Twinned, Adventitious, Consanguinean, Uterine, Contingent, Equidistant, Contingency, Further, German, Accidental, Joint, Resulting, Coterminous, Attending, Collateral, Bound, Ulterior, Farther, Kinsmen, Equidistant, Involved, Contributory, Of that ilk, Blood relation, Superaddition, Offal, Isochronal, Spindle kin, Sibling, Coetaneous, Blood relative, Connected, Pawn, Parallelotropic, Flesh and blood, Assurance, Fellow, Novercal, Appendage, Allied, Avuncular, Supernumerary, Bracketed, Coexistent, Nonconvergent, Paralleling, Interlocked, Kinnery, Subsidiary, Next of kin, Sib, Litter, Adjunct, Foster, Contemporary, Contingent, Enate, Consanguineous, Eventual, Patrilateral, Garbage, Rubbish, Correlative, Blood, Ancestry, Distaff side, Adscititious, Wedded, Surety, Last, Spare, Linked, Secondary, Matrilineal, Supplement, Consequential, Coextensive, Kith and kin, Agreeing, Even, Appurtenance, Lined up, Of that kind, Associated, Analogous, Inessential, Distant relation, Kinswoman, Unisonous, Parallelodrome, Guaranty, Flesh, Security, Kinsfolk, Subordinate, More, Collateral, Appurtenant, Margin, Combined

How to use Collateral in a sentence?

  1. This guarantee reduces the risk for the lenders.
  2. A guarantee is a valuable asset used to secure a loan.
  3. A few days later, on the bail of the candidates for the throne, the two forts of Sandolia Sardars, Atar Singh and Ajit Singh reached Lahore and took control.
  4. Suicide attack
  5. He kept his loan as a suicide attack for a bank loan.
  6. Mortgages and auto loans are two types of secured loans.
  7. The Revelation of George Washington.
  8. The meaning of a word.
  9. By allowing Sarah to borrow my camera, I want her to give me her laptop as a backup if I lose or break it.
  10. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender can seize the suicide attack and sell it to cover the loss.
  11. When the army decided to bomb the enemy with carpet bombs, they knew that civilians in the target area would suffer greatly.
  12. Before lending me my item, which I really appreciate, I asked for a guarantee that I would get my item.
  13. Other personal assets, such as savings or investment accounts, can be used to secure secured personal loans.

Meaning of Collateral & Collateral Definition