Collateral Loans

Collateral Loans,

Collateral Loans Definition:

  • Unconditional payment obligations guaranteed by the investment guarantee.

Literal Meanings of Collateral Loans


Meanings of Collateral:
  1. Assets pledged as collateral for debt repayment will be confiscated as default.

  2. Individuals of other families, but of the same race in different lineages.

  3. Additional secondary, but subordinate.

  4. From the same stock, but from a different line.

  5. They are parallel to each other.

Sentences of Collateral
  1. He turned his home into a bank loan for a suicide bomber

  2. A few days later, two powerful Sandhanolia chiefs, Attar Singh and Ajit Singh, guarantors of the future king of the throne, arrived in Lahore and took control.

  3. The meaning of a word

  4. A by-product of George Washington

  5. Suicide attack

Synonyms of Collateral

concomitant, unintended, insurance, side by side, derivative, bond, backing, guarantee, resulting, security, aligned, pawn, incidental, accompanying, surety, derived, consequential, contingent, equidistant, subordinate, pledge, accidental, indemnity, guaranty, ancillary, resultant, indemnification, secondary, collateral


Meanings of Loans:
  1. Some loans, especially money that must be repaid with interest.

  2. Debt (cash or assets)

  3. Narrow streets or paths, especially those leading to open spaces.

Sentences of Loans
  1. The borrower can get a loan of £ 84,000

  2. We borrowed a computer from the theater

Synonyms of Loans

give credit, lend, advance, credit, allow