Definition of Collate:

  1. Appoint (a member of the clergy) to a benefice.

  2. In printing industry to (1) group together text, artwork, tables, etc., into a suitable format for printing, or (2) collect printed pages of a publication in their correct sequence for binding.

  3. Collect and combine (texts, information, or sets of figures) in proper order.

Synonyms of Collate

Assort, Audit, Bolt, Bracket, Categorize, Check, Check and doublecheck, Check out, Check over, Classify, Confirm, Contrast, Cross-check, Divide, Double-check, Gradate, Grade, Group, Painstakingly match, Prove, Rank, Recheck, Riddle, Screen, Scrutinize comparatively, Separate, Sieve, Sift, Size, Sort, Sort out, Subordinate, Test, Triple-check, Validate, Verify, Collect, Gather, Accumulate, Assemble

How to use Collate in a sentence?

  1. All the information obtained is being collated.

Meaning of Collate & Collate Definition