Cold Stone Application

Cold Stone Application

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I signed up for Cold Stone. feel good?

Working at Coldstone Creamery is what I want to do since I opened here on ** My To Name **. It seems to be a very exciting atmosphere. And of course ice cream is delicious. (:

I am a hardworking, friendly, kind, trustworthy and responsible person. I will always be on time for work and always try to be the best worker / person I can be in any situation. I am a dynamic and energetic person. I like to make other people happy and make them smile, which is one of the reasons I am attracted to this profession. This experience working at Coldstone Creamery will benefit me and your company!

I thought I should add something else ... but idk.

Please help me :)

Sounds good, 99% of people don't put anything in it.

Coldstone app

Cold Stone Application