Cold calling

Cold calling,

Definition of Cold calling:

  1. Warm calling, on the other hand, is the solicitation of a customer who had previously expressed interest in the company or product.

  2. Cold calling (sometimes written with a hyphen) is the solicitation of a potential customer who had no prior interaction with a salesperson. A form of telemarketing, cold calling is one of the oldest and most common forms of marketing for salespeople.

  3. (1) Visiting a prospect (who may not know the visitor) without a prior appointment. (2) Calling a prospect (who does not know the caller) for a sales appointment. Called also cold canvassing. (3) Making unsolicited phone calls to strangers, usually to generate a sale or seek a donation. Such practices are illegal in several countries.

How to use Cold calling in a sentence?

  1. Consumers tend to dislike cold calling; Congress has passed laws making it more difficult to cold call on a large scale.
  2. I decided to initiate a cold calling with the company, which meant I would be calling them for the first time.
  3. If you are having a hard time selling your product and have tried all other options you may have to resort to cold calling .
  4. Cold calling is commonly used in telemarketing, and only produces maybe a 2% success rate for the most skilled professionals.
  5. Cold calling is a sales practice in which individuals are contacted who have not previously expressed interest in a product or service.
  6. We suggested the individual engage in cold calling as a way to find new clients as we new our product would be in demand.

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