Cola Para Marmore

Cola Para Marmore

Which glue is used to filter marble? 3


I'm cleaning my house and when I pull out a marble base that makes a coffee table it's only partially ... now there's the right glue to filter the tube

Does anyone know an easy looking glue for marble?

Weekend ■■■■ everyone and thanks!

Dear Alien,

The glue for applying glue is made of marble and granite © a Ma plastica IBERÊ.

You can find any ink supply that costs between $ 5.00 and $ 8.00.

Available as gray and black cover.

Basically helped him.

Oh, what a wonderful year.


Go to the marble shop and smash a piece of marble, malashi, whatever it is, then milk, oil into a can with a hammer, then sift the paste or powder, and separate.

Then apply one of the tails you are going to teach, then make a strip, turn it on the back of the rock for a local and hard challenge, and with a 20 cm piece of makita without feeling against it, This cut should be of grooves with a length of about 7 mm to 1 cm to cross stones. Apply wire or groove nest depending on the length of the stone. Leave for a day. And until you look up.

Cola Para Marmore

Cola Para Marmore

Buy glue nca (iberia) and use checkers to give more or less the same template depending on the color of the stone. Works fine in marble.

The hair I know, and that's fine, I'm sure if I put my sink which is marble on my ■■■

Made with PLASTIC MA, © the same as made in the record, and it is made by Dienerço professionals, blz

MOTHER GLUE 30A Â Â © Â رفتار High-speed adhesive of essential components based on unsaturated polyester resin, as a strong additive and with excellent resistance.



Accelerated treatment

Powerful booster

No stains.

Can the police?


Price of marble and natural stones.

Marble free grout filler.


horn: nivory.

Packaging: Ingredient A 2 kg (canned) Ingredient B (tube)

Cola Para Marmore