Definition of Coke:

  1. Convert (coal) into coke.

  2. From coal: Pressed solid residue obtained from the destructive distillation of bituminous coal in which it is baked in an oven in the absence of oxygen to vaporize volatile constituents and fuse carbon and fly-ash together. About 90 percent carbon, it has a heating value of about 25 million Btu per ton. This type of coke is consumed primarily in smelting of iron in blast furnaces generally in the ratio of about 550 kilograms (roughly 1200 pounds) of coke to one ton of pig iron.

  3. A solid fuel made by heating coal in the absence of air so that the volatile components are driven off.

  4. From oil: Pressed solid residue obtained from the cracking of petroleum, generally in the ratio of five barrels of oil to about 900 kg. (roughly 2000 pounds) of coke. About 95 percent carbon, it has a heating value of about 26.5 million Btu per ton, and is consumed primarily in manufacture of synthesis gas and carbon electrodes, and as refractory lining for arc furnaces.

Synonyms of Coke

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How to use Coke in a sentence?

  1. The production of charcoal by heating wood in the absence of air and of coke by heating coal in the absence of air were both well known to ancient peoples.
  2. I really liked coke and would drink it all the time as I ate pizza, chocolate, or anything because it was so good.
  3. Certain operators were coking this coal on a small scale.
  4. Some companies like coke are always a good investment because they are so ingrained in peoples lives they will never go away.
  5. The coke was stored in our research and development lab as the coal had to be shipped from far away.

Meaning of Coke & Coke Definition