Coinsurance plan of reinsurance

Coinsurance plan of reinsurance,

Definition of Coinsurance plan of reinsurance:

  1. A kind of reinsurance, where the insurance company gives a segment of the life insurance policy it has written to the reinsurer. The reinsurer must pay some fraction of the death benefit to the insurance company upon the policy holders death. The insurance company must then pay the beneficiary.

Meaning of Coinsurance plan of reinsurance & Coinsurance plan of reinsurance Definition

Coinsurance Plan Of Reinsurance,

Coinsurance Plan Of Reinsurance Definition:

Insurance plans refer to the conditions in the insurance sector in which the insurer transfers the financial responsibility for life insurance policies to the insurer. This responsibility is part of the benefits of death. After the accident, the insurance company will transfer the amount to the insurance company. The company then transfers the money to the recipient.

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