Definition of Cognitive:

  1. Psychological processes involve the acquisition and understanding of knowledge, the formation of beliefs and attitudes, decision making, and problem solving. They differ from the emotional and voluntary action of desires and intentions. Cognitive skills are usually measured by the IQ (Intelligence Quotes) test.

  2. Based on science

Synonyms of Cognitive

Thought, Cognitive, Thoughtful, Brain, Cogitative, Cerebral, Meditative, Reflecting, Rational, Conceptual, Ruminant, Concentrative, Deliberative, Ideative, Reflective, Pondering, Pensive, Contemplating, Excogitating, Mental, Ruminative, Mental, Conceptive, Noetic, Theoretical, Meditating, Conceptualized, Intellectual, Introspective, Conceptual, Museful, Sober, Speculative, Serious, Deliberating, Emotional, Prehensive, Ruminating, Concentrating, Inner, Musing, Contemplative, Thinking, Wistful, Non-physical, Abstract

How to use Cognitive in a sentence?

  1. I use my cognitive skills to make decisions that will improve or differentiate my daily life and determine the outcome for my bright and prosperous future.
  2. The ability to perform complex and demanding tasks quickly and efficiently is becoming increasingly important in today's office environment, so academic performance is a key to success for most employees.
  3. Academic process in reading.
  4. When designing electronic products for children, it is important to pay attention to their level of cognitive development, which is very different from that of adults.

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