Definition of Cognitive:

  1. Psychological processes involved in acquisition and understanding of knowledge, formation of beliefs and attitudes, and decision making and problem solving. They are distinct from emotional and volitional processes involved in wanting and intending. Cognitive capacity is measured generally with intelligence quotient (IQ) tests.

  2. Relating to cognition.

Synonyms of Cognitive

Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Inner, Non-physical, Cerebral, Brain, Rational, Cognitive, Abstract, Conceptual, Theoretical, Cogitative, Concentrating, Concentrative, Conceptive, Conceptual, Conceptualized, Contemplating, Contemplative, Deliberating, Deliberative, Excogitating, Ideative, Introspective, Meditating, Meditative, Mental, Museful, Musing, Noetic, Pensive, Pondering, Prehensive, Reflecting, Reflective, Ruminant, Ruminating, Ruminative, Serious, Sober, Speculative, Thinking, Thought, Thoughtful, Wistful

How to use Cognitive in a sentence?

  1. I use my cognitive abilities to make decisions that either enhance or subtract from my life on a daily basis determining the outcome of my bright and glorious future.
  2. The ability to quickly and effectively perform complex and challenging tasks is increasing important in todays office environment, making cognitive power a key determinant of success for most employees.
  3. The cognitive processes involved in reading.
  4. When designing electronic products to be used by children, it is very important to consider their level of cognitive development, which differs sharply from that of adults.

Meaning of Cognitive & Cognitive Definition