Cognitive map

Cognitive map,

Definition of Cognitive map:

  1. A mental representation of ones physical environment.

  2. Collection of beliefs, experiences, and information that a person uses to orient himself or herself within an environment such as a social setting.

How to use Cognitive map in a sentence?

  1. You should try to use a cognitive map to set out a plan and make sure that you are always heading in the right direction,.
  2. As Garrys insomnia worsened, he found himself having a tougher time in every aspect of life, his cognitive map failing him as he attempted to navigate school, work and family.
  3. As I have noted, one of his important contributions to animal learning was the concept of a cognitive map.
  4. I had a cognitive map structured so I would not feel so lost at the dinner party my mom was having later tonight.

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