Definition of Coercion:

  1. Force, economic power, physical violence or abuse of power by one party (or threat of abuse) to force the other party to submit to the owner's wishes. Agreements or wishes made under duress are considered illegal and wrong. See also Improper oppression and influence.

  2. The act of persuading someone to do something by force or intimidation.

Synonyms of Coercion

Influence, The bludgeon, The big stick, The club, Constraint, Force, Pressure, Oppression, The strong arm, The mailed fist, Threats, Menacing, Enforcement, Threatening, Pressure, Threat, High pressure, Argumentum baculinum, The sword, Intimidation, Compulsion, Duress, Menace, Pressurization, Violence, Intimidation, Arm-twisting, Strong-arm tactics, Insistence, Constraint, Duress, The jackboot, Compulsion, Demand, Harassment

How to use Coercion in a sentence?

  1. Several former employees of the company came forward and discussed the difficulties of extending contracts with customers, although they were clearly not interested.
  2. The agreement expired after the union leader used coercion to get the company president to sign it.
  3. The threat of coercion was made today to members of the military note groups in a note stating that if they do not carry out the required work, the use of violence to obtain these resources. What they have said will be done.
  4. Our problems cannot be solved by any kind of coercion, only by agreement.

Meaning of Coercion & Coercion Definition