Definition of Coefficient:

  1. Mathematics: Number or other known factor (usually a constant) by which another number or factor (usually a variable) is multiplied. For example, in the equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, a is the coefficient of x2, and b is the coefficient of x.

  2. A multiplier or factor that measures some property.

  3. Physics and statistics: Measure of a specified characteristic or property of a particular body, material, phenomenon, process, etc., under specified conditions.

  4. A numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression (e.g. 4 in 4xy).

Synonyms of Coefficient

Coacting, Coactive, Coadjutant, Coadjuvant, Collaborative, Collective, Collectivist, Collectivistic, Collusive, Combined, Commensal, Common, Communal, Communalist, Communalistic, Communist, Communistic, Communitarian, Concerted, Concordant, Concurrent, Concurring, Conjoint, Conniving, Cooperant, Cooperating, Cooperative, Ecumenic, Fellow, Harmonious, Harmonized, Joint, Mutual, Noncompetitive, Reciprocal, Symbiotic, Synergetic, Synergic, Synergistic, Uncompetitive

How to use Coefficient in a sentence?

  1. When trying to decide how much of a product you will need you can use it as a coefficient and multiply it by the number of customers.
  2. The drag coefficient.
  3. You can use your product as a coefficient and multiply it by the predicted number of customers to see what type of profit you might make.
  4. You can multiply numbers by coefficient s and use those numbers in equations to find the slope of lines and other data.
  5. He extended the applications of the operational method to linear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients.

Meaning of Coefficient & Coefficient Definition