Code ("statistical code")


What is The Meaning of CODE ("STATISTICAL CODE")?

  • A number or a series of numbers that represents various risk features, such as: data analysis, data collection and retrieval, and other purposes that allow information to be computerized.

Literal Meanings of CODE ("STATISTICAL CODE")


Meanings of CODE:
  1. (Message words) to a specific code so that the hidden meaning is stated.

  2. Write code for (computer program)

  3. Provide genetic sequence (amino acids or proteins).

  4. A system of words, letters, numbers, or other symbols that represents other words, letters, etc., primarily for privacy purposes.

  5. Instructions for the program.

  6. An organized set of rules or regulations.

Sentences of CODE
  1. Only Mitch can read the message, even his name is encrypted

  2. Most developers code C ++ as C

  3. Genes that secrete human growth hormone

  4. The Americans have broken their diplomatic code

  5. Installation code

  6. Criminal code

Synonyms of CODE

canon, hieroglyphics, secret language, charter, set of symbols, jurisprudence, rules, system, regulations, cipher, law, key, secret writing, constitution, laws, body of law


Meanings of STATISTICAL:
  1. Related to the use of data

Sentences of STATISTICAL
  1. Statistical comparison