Coca Cola Brotherly Love Actors

Coca Cola Brotherly Love Actors

Who are the actors in Coca-Cola's Brotherly Love commercial, especially Big Brother?!? I really want and want to know !!!? 3

The cast of Love Brotherhood

The "Brotherhood of Love" ad features young stars Antonio Hidalgo and Victor Sylvester around the world.

Hudalgo currently has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares a mix of personal and professional perspectives.

The older actor is called Antonio Hidalgo and his name is @antoniohidg on Instagram, but if you search his name he will appear on Google with another old man: / and the younger one is Victor Sylvester. I know this because you are Antonio.

In fact, the older brother's name was Patrick Schwarzenegger.

No, this is not Patrick Schwarzenegger. Google Patrick and you will see.

Coca Cola Brotherly Love Actors