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COB Today, COB Stands For “ Close Of Business”, with addition of “Today” it means completion of any business under a working day at specific time in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

COB – What Does It Stands For?

COB, is a business short term stands for, “ Close Of Business”. The short term is common among the business men’s. Alone the COB word refers to the closing of business deal/work, As it normally doesn’t say about, what time should business close?.

In short, the COB is used to finish the business at the end of certain time period. However, COB consistently implies end of the business day in the Eastern Standard Time zone.


As you know about COB which means “Close of business” but, doesn’t refers to a certain period of time. For example, a boss orders his or her employee to COB the work, without telling, when to end the work. It would be hard for the employee to understand that when the boss wants completion of work.

That’s why people uses today with COB to complete the sense of the sentence. So, COB Today, usually means the end of business at the end of the working hour.

Here today with COB doesn’t means that business must end at the end of the day. Because end of the day is midnight, and at midnight no business take place. So it’s necessary to use the Correct word with COB to understand what you mean to your employee.

So to avoid such unnecessary thoughts , in business world people uses COB Today to refer their employees to end the business at the end of their working hour, without wasting anytime.

The end of work averagely everywhere ends at 5 p.m US standard times, which can differ from place to place and country to country.

You must know the end of your working hour when your boss orders you through mail to COB TODAY.

In certain condition, COB Also stands for “ Call Out Business”. Usually this short term is also used to end the business in small time period, or In a specific time within certain period.

But, specifically the word means to call their employees or partners for a business meeting, which need to be held urgently in any case.
Whenever the business needs to sort out, you need to call out for the business, so that the issue can be solved.

What is a Business day in COB?

A business day is the conventional long periods of activity between the non-weekend days, which is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. while discussing and referencing business day hours, the organizations sending the email are normally alluding to their own time region, except if they’re utilizing the expression “close of business”.
Because in such situation COB refers only to end of business.

Business days consistently apply to traditional work days and hours. For instance, numerous business experts don’t think about Saturday as a business day, regardless of whether a business is open at that time.

Business interchanges routinely incorporate abbreviations to assist the sender with composing utilized language. Representatives and other business experts as often as possible utilize the term close of business to finish business in a customary work day.

This article characterizes close of business and discloses when and how to utilize it in expert correspondences.

When the word COB Today is used?

COB Today is used in messages, that are send to the employee/dealers by the boss via email, text, yahoo, Hotmail and other communicatijg platform.

In business world, communication is different than normal communication. Such communication include different acronyms to help the sender to type long sentences in short time.

The main use of COB today is to decrease the time, one can loss in typing long sentences.

Except COB Today there are other several acronyms used in different sentences, like EOD( End of the day), COP (Close of play), EOB ( end of business),and EOBD (end of the business day).

The message alerts the receiver about the deadline of the business that needs to be finished urgently, Within the working hour.


1. By boss to alert about the deadline

The Boss may use the word to alert you about the business you are currently working on. He will use COB TODAY in a sentence like, dear MR/Mrs, the project you are working on needs to be COB TODAY.

2. To end the bargain

If you are a shopkeeper, you deal with different types of customer. Each customer bargains for money, but shopkeeper defends the product under the profitable Price. So, to close the business, shopkeeper uses the COB Acronym.

EOB– what does it means?

EOB signifies “End Of Business”. The shortened form EOB is a term utilized in business circles to signify “End Of Business”. It is normally utilized in workplaces that have contact with outside organizations or customers to mean the time at which those contacts stop and consideration goes to inner organization. This is generally at some point before the actual finish of the working day.

COP– What Does it Means?

The short term COP is a abbreviation utilize in business communication to signify “Close Of Play”. It implies the finish of the working day. Like COB, COP also refers to the end of the business. But, the difference between both is of period of time.

Because, COP implies to the completion of business at the end of the day, and end of the day is midnight. But, COB doesn’t.

It is imagined that the term began in cricket or tennis, which are the two games where the finish of a day’s play isn’t really the finish of the match. For instance, “At COP on the second day of the third test, Pakistan lead India by 21 runs.”

COP is additionally a compression of “Copper”, which is slang for cop. There are various speculations regarding the starting points of the expressions “COP” or “Copper” to allude to a cop, including:

“Copper” may allude to the metal used to make the identifications (US) or catches (UK) of the officials’ outfits.

“Copper” may get from the Latin capere, which means to take, i.e to arrest somebody or to capture them.

“COP” might be an abbreviation for “constable on the lookout”. This is another utilization of the word cop with different ideology. Although, the word COP is quite famous or related to police officers.

The acronym COP, when used for police officers not only describes the personality of the officer, but also the dignity of the person.

COP in a sentence

COP that stands for “CLOSE OF PLAY” is used in sentences down below:

  1. After a long inning, at COP Pakistan won the match vs south Africa, with run rate of 13.1.

  2. My boss has ordered him for COP, but he’s too lazy to do that.

  3. Life isn’t worth even a penny without money, until you would know how to COP.


EOD signifies “end of day” and alludes to the end of the business day in the sender’s time region. For instance, if a chief in Kansas messages a far off worker in Florida requesting an assignment due at EOD, the undertaking would be expected by the day’s end in their time region, which would be 5 pm. Local Standard Time. While they’re both alluding to the end of the business day, although COB consistently implies end of the business day in the Eastern Standard Time zone.


Here the Frequently asked questions related to acronym COB TODAY:

For what reason campany uses Acronyms in communication?

Organizations use contractions to proficiently speak with customers or representatives. In the event that a director consistently doles out cutoff times to workers,

Abbreviations make it simpler to rapidly indicate due dates. Customers additionally use abbreviations to inform workers of fulfilling dates or venture time constraints to save time composing entire sentences.

What does by COB today mean?

COB stands for Close of business. Which means end or close of business in a specific period of time. But, COB Today is a acronym that is used to close the business at the end of the working hours, Which averagely equals to the 5 p.m U.S Standard times.

As, COB today” means “by the end of business hours” or “by 5 pm U.S standard local times.” The reason people uses Acronym “COB”more than the EOD is due to the fact that, the end of the literal day is midnight or 12am, when everyone has gone home almost. If talking about a deadline, midnight is too off time, COB is not.

The abbreviation is highly used among business communicator’s, the abbreviation has several other important characters.

How do you use COB today in a sentence?

COB today is used in a sentence, that is intend to alert the reader, about a deadline, orderor something special.

Below are the sentences that contain COB today in the sentence:

  1. My boss is very cruel to me, as he has ordered me to COB today, without any reason.

  2. I had been working hard for the last few weeks, it’s certain now that I would do COB today.

  3. COB today would be easy, as have of the work has been finished before already.

What is the meaning of COB tomorrow?

COB tomorrow meaning, close of business tomorrow or after 24 hours. By the Close of business We must need to come to a decision by COB tomorrow, or after 24 hours.

Here tomorrow refers to the time, you need to end the business, so that you must perform the work on time. As, manager always demands work before deadline’s, that’swhy the acronyms are used to know when the work need to be done.

What is cob short for?

COB is short term for CLOSE OF BUSINESS. Which is used in business communication. This is a abbreviation utilize to close a deal before the end of a certain period of time.

What’s the significance of COB in text(mail)?

COB signifies “Close Of Business” or “Cum On Body” So now you know – COB signifies “Close Of Business” or “Cum On Body”. As, COB is an abbreviation, condensing or slang word that is clarified above where the COB definition is given above.

What is COB banking?

COB fraud — the COB means “Change of charging” address — is a trick where the charging address of a cardholder is changed by a cheat who calls or electronically contacts a monetary foundation so merchandise or administrations bought utilizing a taken Mastercard or financial balance can be conveyed to the hoodlum.

What time is cob?

COB is an abbreviation for “close of business,” which is the finish of the business day. Most organizations base COB hours on conventional U.S. business shutting long stretches of 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


Cob today is an abbreviation in business world, which is constitute of two parts, An acronym called COB (Close of business) and today ( end of working hour usually refers to 5pm).

Cob stands for Close of business, which means end of business at the end of specific time period that can be a year, day, hour, month or maybe a specific time like 1day, 35 min and 10 secs.

There are also other acronyms other than COB that are highly useful in business communication, because these acronyms help person to compose long sentences within small range of time.

The other acronyms are:

COP- stands for Close of play, which resembles to COB, with only a small difference time duration.

EOD- stands for end of the day, The acronym is implied in the sentence to refer the employee to end the business within the end of the day, which is midnight.

EOB- stands for End of business, this is also similar acronyms to EOD, except it doesn’t provides the time at which the business must complete.

Cob today means something about the way you are paying the bill and I have worked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: to be a little bit late but the twist is that he is not available for his daughter is in which I have been assigned to the new year and I will be in touch with his dad and rephraser the same time ago

COB today is an abbreviation for “close of business,” which refers to the conclusion of the present business day. The majority of businesses base COB hours on the typical United States business closing time of 5 p.m. COB is a term used in stock markets to refer to the moment when financial markets close.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What Is Close of Business (COB)?

Acronyms are commonly used in business communication to expedite the process of typing commonly used jargon. While the typical workday is commonly defined as ending at 4:00 p.m., employees and other business professionals often use the term closure of business to signify the end of their workday.

Close of business (also known as ‘the cutoff’) is defined in this article as the time and manner in which it should be used in professional communications. In such a scenario, COB is used to refer simply to the end of business.

A working day is the time period from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Even if they are referring to their own time zone, the organizations sending emails use the word “close of business” when describing business day hours.

Most businesses use standard business days and hours for their employees. Another way to think about it is that numerous business experts see Saturday as a workday, regardless of whether or not a business is open.

The article describes the ending of business and the circumstances under which you should take advantage of it in expert correspondence.

:white_square_button: Summary

Communicating in business regularly incorporates acronyms to assist with writing common words. People in business use the phrase closure of business as much as possible to end business in a traditional workday.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Some COB Acronyms

COB Different Meanings
COB Close Of Business (day)
COB Chairman of the Board
COB Council des Opérations de Bourse (French regulator of the stock market)
COB Community of Believers (various organizations)
COB Crude Oil Boiler (petrochemicals manufacturing)
COB Conduct of Business
COB Copy of Bill
COB Cavalcade of Bands (sanctioning body)
COB Cost of Borrowing (loan financing)

:small_red_triangle_down: Additional abbreviations used in the workplace

There are numerous more workplace acronyms that professionals use in addition to or in instead of COB. Additionally, the following acronyms are frequently used in the workplace:

  • EOB stands for “end of business day.” This is a combination of COB and EOD to symbolize the conclusion of an employee’s workday.

  • EOP: End of the game. Often used in place of COB, EOP refers to the close of the stock market.

  • COP: The game has come to an end. This term is synonymous with COB and EOP and refers to the financial markets’ close.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What Is Today’s Cob?

The fact that we are here today with COB does not imply that business must cease at the end of the day. Because the conclusion of the day is midnight, and no business is conducted at midnight. As a result, it is critical to use the correct word with COB to ensure that your employee understands what you mean.

To avoid such irrational thinking, people in the business sector use COB Today to remind their staff to complete their task at the end of their working hour, without wasting time.

Work generally concludes at 5 p.m. US standard time, though this can vary by location and region. When your supervisor directs you by letter to COB TODAY, you must be aware of the end of your working hour.

COB may also refer to “Call Out Business” under certain circumstances. Typically, this brief phrase is also used to refer to the termination of a firm in a short time period or at a given moment within a specified timeframe.

:white_square_button: Summary

However, the term is used primarily to refer to the act of summoning employees or partners to a business meeting, which must be held promptly in any event. Whenever a business issue needs to be resolved, you must contact the business to resolve the issue.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What does COB imply in email?

COB is an abbreviation for closure of business and is frequently used to refer to a deadline or time period. For instance, a coworker may send you an email requesting that you complete work by COB.

It is frequently fried and eaten on the cob; when canned, the cob is removed. For months, we’ve been as close as corn kernels on a cob. It is frequently used interchangeably with COB, which refers to the conclusion of a workday (17:00 hours).

:small_red_triangle_down: The deadline is COB.

COB is an abbreviation for “close of business.” It refers to the complete of a work day and the shutdown of New York City’s financial markets, which determine the United States’ business hours. It is frequently used in business communications to specify a deadline for completing a task by 5:00 PM Eastern Time (EST).

:white_square_button: Summary

Additionally, one may inquire as to the distinction between EOD and cob. EOD is an abbreviation for “end of day.” Traditionally, it signifies the end of the business day and the beginning of sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People ask many questions about Cob today. We discussed a few of them below:

:one: In banking, what does COB mean?

COB — which stands for “Change of billing” address — is a type of scam in which a thief changes a cardholder’s billing address by calling or electronically contacting a financial institution in order to have goods or services purchased with a stolen credit card or bank account delivered to the thief.

:two: What is the definition of a cob pony?

A cob is a sturdy horse with a thick frame that stands around 15 hands tall and has a steady disposition. They resemble a giant pony but are taller than a pony, which stands at 14.2 hands. A cob is a type of horse, not a distinct breed.

:three: What does the term EO mean in business?

This page is dedicated to the definition, abbreviation, and acronym of EO, as well as to providing valuable information on related topics. EO Is An Abbreviation For: Economical Office | Operational Establishment | Executive Order | Eminent Occultist | Ex Officio

:four: What is the composition of a corn cob?

A corncob, alternatively referred to as a corn cob, is the central core of an ear of corn (also known as maizein Spanish-speaking countries). It is the portion of the ear where the kernels develop. Young ears, often known as baby corn, can be eaten raw, but as the plant matures, the cob gets tougher and the kernels become edible.

:closed_book: Conclusion

Today, COB is an abbreviation used in the business sector. It consists of two components: an acronym for COB (Close of business), and today ( end of a working hour usually refers to 5pm).

Cob is an acronym for close of business, which refers to the conclusion of business at the end of a specified time period, which can be a year, day, hour, or month, or even a specific time, such as 1 day, 35 minutes, and 10 seconds.

There are further acronyms than COB that are extremely beneficial in business communication, as they enable individuals to produce lengthy statements in a short period of time.

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