Definition of Coach:

  1. To encourage and train someone to accomplish a goal or task.

  2. Person at the first reporting level (above the working team) in a team based organization where leadership is shared among team members. A coach (unlike traditional supervisors) leads more through collaborating than through directing. Also sometimes called coordinator, facilitator, or mentor.

Synonyms of Coach

Privatdocent, Privatdozent, Pullman, Pullman car, Advise, Advocate, Amateur athlete, Archer, Athlete, Athletic coach, Baggage car, Ballplayer, Barge, Baseballer, Baseman, Batter, Battery, Blocking back, Boat, Bowman, Boxcar, Brief, Bus, Caboose, Car, Carriage, Cart, Catcher, Center, Chair car, Coacher, Coal car, Competitor, Confer, Consult with, Counsel, Covered waggon, Cram, Cram with facts, Crammer, Cricketer, Day coach, Defensive lineman, Diner, Dinghy, Dining car, Direct, Drawing room, Dray, Drill, Driller, Drillmaster, End, Exercise, Ferry, Flat, Flatcar, Float, Footballer, Forerunner, Games-player, Gamester, Gondola, Groomer, Guard, Guide, Infielder, Instruct, Instructor, Jock, Jumper, Kibitz, Lighter, Lineman, Local, Luggage van, Mail car, Mail van, Meddle, Mentor, Motor coach, Offensive lineman, Omnibus, Outfield, Outfielder, Palace car, Parlor car, Passenger car, Pathfinder, Player, Poloist, Preparationist, Preparator, Prepare, Preparer, Prescribe, Prime, Private instructor, Professional athlete, Prompt, Propose, Pugilist, Quarterback, Racer, Raft, Railway car, Recommend, Reefer, Refrigerator car, Roomette, School, Ship, Skater, Sled, Sledge, Sleeper, Smoker, Smoking car, Sport, Sportsman, Stockcar, Stuff with knowledge, Submit, Suggest, Tackle, Tailback, Tank, Teacher, Tender, Toxophilite, Trailblazer, Train, Trainer, Truck, Tutor, Tutorer, Van, Waggon, Wagon, Wheelbarrow, Wingback, Wrestler

Meaning of Coach & Coach Definition