Co-Op Advertising

Co-Op Advertising,

Co-Op Advertising:

  1. Retail advertising that specifically states that the manufacturer will pay the retailer some or all of the advertising costs.

Literal Meanings of Co-Op Advertising


Meanings of Co:
  1. Company.

  2. District.

  3. The chemical element cobalt.

  4. Colorado (under official postal use)

  5. Commander.

  6. Opponents, avoid honest objections.

Synonyms of Co

leader, head, headman, boss, chief, director, manager, overseer, controller, master


Meanings of Op:
  1. Surgery or other types of surgery.

  2. Observatory.

  3. In front of the sign (in the theater).

  4. Organophosphate (s)

  5. (In the Roman Catholic Church) Order of Preachers Ordo Predictorum (Dominicans).

  6. Original article (or poster) (on online forum or comment pages).

Sentences of Op
  1. The results show that the total exposure of about two nipples in PO is often more than the acceptable reference dose for children (RFD).

  2. Mackie Zeb, OP himself, Heitner himself and others give lectures on Catholic social thought to two dozen undergraduate and graduate students from the United States and Eastern Europe.

  3. I was surprised by the tone of the OP.


Meanings of Advertising:
  1. Activity or profession Produces advertisements for commercial products or services.

Sentences of Advertising
  1. Moviegoers easily receive ads