The ability to define resources in one or more interconnected midrange systems as transparently available to users and applications from a specific set of loosely coupled systems in a local or metropolitan network.

Meanings of Clustering

  1. Form a cluster or group.

  2. Collect in bunches.

  3. Cover with bunches.

  4. The action of the verb is rearrange.

  5. Grouping of several similar things.

  6. (Demographics) The grouping of a population along ethnic, economic, or religious lines.

  7. Unwanted continuous grouping of elements in a hash table.

  8. (Writing) A prescriptive technique in which ideas are written on a sheet of paper around a central idea in a circle, with related ideas connected radially to the circle with needles.

  9. Form clusters.

Sentences of Clustering

  1. The children gathered around the puppy.