Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Gartner defines cloud engineering as the process of designing the systems necessary to harness the power and cost-effectiveness of cloud resources to solve business problems.

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Literal Meanings of Cloud Engineering


Meanings of Cloud:
  1. The stone shakes the hill.

  2. The visible mass of water droplets hanging in the air.

  3. Any mass of dust, vapor or smoke resembling such a mass.

  4. Anything that makes things blurry or dark.

  5. Everything that is not necessary.

  6. A dark spot on a lighter fabric or background.

  7. A group or flock, especially when hanging or flying.

  8. An elliptical shape or symbol whose outline consists of a series of semicircles that resemble a cloud.

  9. (along with) the Internet, which underpins cloud computing as an abstract, amorphous, ubiquitous processing and storage space.

  10. The negative or destructive aspect of something positive: seeing that every cloud has a silver lining or that every silver lining has a cloud.

  11. Crystal methamphetamine.

  12. Large, loose scarf worn by women.

  13. Blurred, dark or hidden from view.

  14. To disperse or hide behind a cloud or clouds.

  15. Make it less sharp or insightful.

  16. Make it dark or thoughtful.

  17. (reputation or character) blacken, dirty, fade.

  18. To highlight or darken veins or for sports to vary colors.

  19. In this way be highlighted, obscured or colored.

Sentences of Cloud
  1. He opened the door and was greeted by a swarm of bats.

  2. The thoughts of the cartoon characters appeared in a cloud over their heads.

  3. The glass becomes cloudy when you breathe on it.

  4. The sky is cloudy.

  5. All this talk about human rights hides the real problem.

  6. Tears began to well up and clouded my vision.

  7. Wire cloud.


Meanings of Engineering:
  1. Design, build or manage anything like an engineer.

  2. Genetically design or build something.

  3. Planning or achieving a goal with a trick or trick to sneak or sneak.

  4. Control the movement of matter to change the movement.

  5. Work as an engineer.

  6. Application of mathematics and natural sciences to the needs of humanity and the development of technology.

  7. The place on board the ship where the engine is located.

  8. Acts that control the movement, form, and/or substance of a physical object.

  9. Refers to the office area of ​​professional technical and technical personnel.

Cloud Engineering