Definition of Closure:

  1. A sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of an artistic work.

  2. Termination of activity at a facility.

  3. (in a legislative assembly) a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote; cloture.

  4. Device that closes or seals an opening in a container, and is held in place usually by a screw thread, is plugged in, or snaps over.

  5. An act or process of closing something, especially an institution, thoroughfare, or frontier, or of being closed.

Synonyms of Closure

Accomplishment, Ankle, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Articulation, Blockage, Blocking, Boundary, Butt, Cease, Cervix, Cessation, Check, Clinch, Clogging, Close, Closing, Closing up, Completion, Conclusion, Connecting link, Connecting rod, Connection, Constriction, Consummation, Coupling, Cramp, Culmination, Delay, Desistance, Detainment, Detention, Dovetail, Elbow, Embrace, End, Ending, Fixation, Foot-dragging, Fulfillment, Gliding joint, Hampering, Hindering, Hindrance, Hinge, Hinged joint, Hip, Holdback, Holdup, Impediment, Inhibition, Interface, Interference, Interruption, Join, Joining, Joint, Juncture, Knee, Knuckle, Let, Link, Miter, Mortise, Neck, Negativism, Nuisance value, Obstruction, Obstructionism, Occlusion, Opposition, Perfection, Pivot, Pivot joint, Rabbet, Realization, Repression, Resistance, Restraint, Restriction, Retardation, Retardment, Scarf, Seam, Setback, Shoulder, Squeeze, Stitch, Stop, Stranglehold, Stricture, Suppression, Suture, Symphysis, Termination, Tie rod, Toggle, Toggle joint, Topping-off, Union, Weld, Wrist, Closing down, Shutting down, Shutdown, Winding up

How to use Closure in a sentence?

  1. He brings modernistic closure to his narrative.
  2. Hospitals that face closure.

Meaning of Closure & Closure Definition

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