Definition of Closing:

  1. Bringing something to an end; final.

  2. Mortgage lending: Date on which the mortgage deed and loan documents are signed and delivered, and the proceeds of the loan are advanced to the borrower.

  3. Accounting: Transfer of account balances from subsidiary ledgers (containing nominal or temporary accounts) to income summary account at the end of an accounting period. Also called closing the accounts or closing the books.

  4. Selling: Final stage in a selling presentation where a salesperson asks for a buyers order or commitment to buy.

  5. Real estate: Date on which the title to a property is conveyed to its buyer and the sales proceed funds are transferred to its seller.

Synonyms of Closing

Abandonment, Accommodation, Adjustment, Arrangement, Blockade, Breakoff, Capping, Cease, Ceasing, Cessation, Close, Closure, Concluding, Conclusion, Consummative, Consummatory, Crowning, Culminating, Culminative, Decline, Desinence, Desistance, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, End, Ending, Eventual, Final, Finish, Finishing, Hindmost, Homestretch, Lag, Lapse, Last lap, Last round, Last stage, Latest, Latter, Occlusion, Perfecting, Perfective, Period, Relinquishment, Renunciation, Sealing, Settlement, Shutdown, Shutting, Shutting up, Signature, Signing, Solemnization, Stop, Stopping, Surcease, Terminal, Terminating, Termination, Ultimate

How to use Closing in a sentence?

  1. The closing stages of the election campaign.
  2. I had to get to the store before closing time, or I would have to wait until tomorrow to buy my item.
  3. You need to make sure that you get all of your stuff done before closing so that you dont start the next day to busy.
  4. The real estate mogul brought an impressive team of lawyers to the closing of the expensive, expansive property to ensure that all sales proceeds funds would be transferred correctly.

Meaning of Closing & Closing Definition

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CLOSING Meanings:

  • An appointment between buyer and seller for the purpose of transferring ownership. Generally, each party is represented by its own lawyer, although legal firms specializing in such transactions are often fenced in, in which the interests of all parties are protected. At this point, all mortgage agreements, title research, insurance, etc. Check to make sure the correct transfer record and everything is in order before it is recorded.

Meanings of CLOSING

  1. Leads to a definite conclusion.

Sentences of CLOSING

  1. The last phase of the election campaign

Synonyms of CLOSING

final , winding up , terminating , concluding , finishing


How To Define CLOSING?

  • CLOSING can be defined as, Meeting of buyers and sellers for the purpose of transferring goods to each other. As a rule, each party is actually represented by its lawyers, although closures are often made in law firms that specialize in this type of transaction, protecting the interests of all parties involved. At this point, all mortgage agreements, investigations, insurance, etc. Reviewed to make sure everything was in order and official broadcasts were recorded and recorded.

Meanings of CLOSING

  1. Finish something once and for all.

  2. Move to fill the space.

  3. Bring or remove

  4. (Of a company, organization or institution) is no longer active or open to the public, either permanently or at the end of business hours or after another period.

  5. Slowly approaching something or something.

Sentences of CLOSING

  1. Take the train when the door is closed.

  2. Members thanked him for his participation and the meeting closed.

  3. 150 jobs lost due to factory closure

  4. They mapped a large group of planes 130 miles away and were rapidly approaching.

Synonyms of CLOSING

contract, bolt, pull to, flop, recess, grow/become/make smaller, come nearer/near, shrink, gain on someone, diminish, wind up, narrow, halt, bring/come to an end, discontinue, get nearer/near, cease activity, shut down, approach, close down, call a halt to, go out of business, adjourn, dissolve


How Do You Define CLOSING?

  • You can define CLOSING as, Meeting of buyers and sellers to transfer goods between them. Generally, each party is represented by a lawyer, and it is customary for law firms specializing in this type of transaction to ■■■■■ a fence to protect the interests of all parties involved. At this point, all mortgage agreements, investigations, insurance, etc. Reviewed to make sure everything was in order and official broadcasts were recorded and recorded.

Meanings of CLOSING

  1. Move to cover the space.

  2. Bring or eliminate

  3. (Of a company, organization or institution) is no longer active or open to the public, either permanently or at the end of business hours or for other periods of time.

Sentences of CLOSING

  1. The members thanked him for his participation and the meeting came to an end.

  2. Factory closed, 150 jobs lost

Synonyms of CLOSING

collapse, dwindle, crash, go broke, constrict, break off, prorogue, conclude, be shut (down), cease production, go under, be wound up, secure, fail, slam, come to a halt, go bankrupt, become insolvent, be closed (down), draw to, creep up, go bump, come closer/close, suspend, latch, draw closer/close, cease operating, push to, lessen