Closest Language To English

Closest Language To English

Which language is closer to English? 3

English is very interesting with a mixture of Greek, Latin, Celtic, German and Nordic influences.

If you compare English with other European languages ​​like German, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian, which one is closer to English?

Swedish is very similar to Danish, and many aspects of English look very German ...

Is English a sister language with sentence structure and pronunciation?

I thought it was German, but now I think Dutch is the closest thing to English.

Or is English really unique, different from other languages?

English is a German language.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

English is not a mixture of the languages ​​you enter, it is almost non-existent. It is the closest German language to German.

The effect of clicks is due to the fact that they are treated as language patterns that may have been observed during the Renaissance. Latin rules were exclusively included in English. They don't really matter, but they are. Floating participles and the last sentence containing prepositions are two of tse.

Sweden and Denmark are very close because the two countries have a common border, trade, historically cross the border and have a common history. Germany is also close. Like Norway. The Anglo-Saxons (England) existed because the German tribes (Saxons) invaded England and the North (Vikings) conquered the coast and the north of England, England and Ireland.

Latin is the international language throughout Europe. It certainly influenced other European languages. France invaded England (and England) after the conquest of Norman (French) King William I, who took control of England and took the throne at the Battle of Hastings.

Entered the Greek language through click studies, which was widely used during the Renaissance.

If you study the language and the history of the language and the history of the countries where it is spoken, you will know some things.

Closest Language To English

Closest Language To English

Well, common words like was, w, are German. However, there is a lot of influence that comes from the British (Celtic) islands and when the Normans (French) came and seized power they introduced Latin words which are mostly French. This means that English is actually a mixture of them.

If you are asking which language is easier to learn or which language comes close to the idea if it is American, the easiest language to learn is Latin American Spanish, especially those spoken in the United States. Is. In fact, it is the closest language to American English. This is because Latin American Hispanics have been heavily influenced by the United States over the last 200 years, but especially in the last 50 years, when cinema, music, culture and now immigration have really become almost like the Latin American Spanish sisters. ۔ Language for American English. This is due to natural selection. Similar development type. In the United States, many Spaniards combine Spanish and learn American phrases and then forget the spoken Spanish phrases. What happened was that these Spanish Americans were speaking English in Spanish. So these things were passed on to young Latin Americans, we learned sentences from English and we used them. So you have millions of Latin Americans who use English idioms.

Here is an example of what I mean:

This person's environment is very bad. This is really frustrating.

This man has a bad vi. You are disappointed.

Now consider that there are two things. The structure of the sentence is the same. Many Spaniards are familiar with the term mala vi, but mala vi is not a Spanish term. It was invented in the United States in the 1970's. Eventually, you'll find that many Spanish-speaking parents have disappointing English, which Spanish speakers didn't speak 200 years ago.

There are often people from all walks of life who go to college to become language translators, literally translating any text written in English (websites, newspapers) and translating these ideas and phrases into Spanish. Are This is how words and phrases are learned.

You will not find modern German or any other European language similar to English, like its sentence structure, words or Latin American Spanish, because Latin American Spanish uses a large number of American English impressions and it speaks Spanish. Gone are the days of leaving impressions. .

Note that this is the most difficult in the United States, and a wide variety of Spanish is spoken in Latin America.

Other German languages ​​are closer, but none of them have the same sentence structure and implications. Even some English speakers do not agree with this view!

PS: Please ignore the first answer (from Fell Troll) which is not even in Old English!

Dutch is closer to English than German. Yes, Dutch comes from German. I have been told that Pharisee is even closer than English which is not a national language.

Closest Language To English

Closest Language To English

Germany or the Netherlands.

I said German, but to add to your argument that Dutch is near, Dutch comes from German.

British (or Old English) is closest to English. The fact is, they have words that we don't have, like cherries and ■■■■■■■. They also add eth after each word. For example: Will your assistant meet Draganth? Their accents are also good.

Closest Language To English