Closest Beach To Kissimmee Florida

Closest Beach To Kissimmee Florida

How far is the beach in Cassimi, Florida?

The next beach, at the intersection of Costa Indiana at 192 192 and 9 1792, is 97.6 miles, slightly longer than the voyage. View 192 American buildings from St. Cloud to Lake Alligator. Basically, this unit is 192 192 from Kassami to the sea.

If you like to go to Cowan Beach, that's the junction at Ron Jones, it's 62.4 miles and a little more than a car. Stop by Ron Jones for a tour of the best surfing destinations.

For this route, travel north to 1792/441 US Toll Road 417, travel north to Beach Line, another highway, travel Beach Line East to A1A, travel south to Florida 520 and Ron Jones. Look, you can't remember. This. 2 blocks east for swimming and surfing.

By the way, Claire Water Beach, the closest beach to the west coast, is 99 miles west. It's an hour and a half on the road. I4 on US 192 192, then Tampa from the west. I4 merges with I275 in Tampa, stay west on Florida 60. Take Florida by bridge for 60 kilometers via Clearwater, then across the beach.

Kasimi Beach

Kasimmi Phil on the nearby beach

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How far is the coast from Kassami, Florida?

60 miles northeast is one coast near or near Melbourne, and the other is north and south. You are on the Atlantic Ocean. Southwest is the Gulf Coast in St. Petersburg / Denton / Sarasota. The distance is too short.

It's 30 to 40 miles off the coast. B. Coco, Merit Island, etc. This is the nearest beach. If you are not from Florida, I recommend the card.

Closest Beach To Kissimmee Florida

Closest Beach To Kissimmee Florida

The nearest beach is Melbourne Beach, about halfway from Cassimi or Cape Canaveral ...

I think you should go to Tampa, not too far, if I remember correctly, maybe about 50 miles. I never went when I was there because I didn't have time, but when I was there I checked my map and it was possible.

Closest Beach To Kissimmee Florida