Closest Beach To Charlotte Nc

Closest Beach To Charlotte Nc

What is the closest beach to Winston Salem, North Carolina?


  • Wilmington is the closest, but there are several options no different from more than 3,045 minutes of driving.
  • Estimated travel time from WinstonSalem: Wilmington 3.54 hours.
  • Myrtle Beach 4,254.75 hours.
  • Charleston 4,254.75 hours.
  • Ocean Island / Sunset Beach 4,254.75 hours.

And how far is Winston Salem North Carolina from the beach?

It is located 194.97 miles from WinstonSalemto Carolina Beach to the southeast and 694.29 miles by car following the I40 road. WinstonSalem and Carolina Beach are 3 hours 53 minutes apart if you go straight. This is the fastest route from WinstonSalem, NC to Carolina Beach, NC.

Do you know the closest beach to Greensboro, NC?

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina is approximately 82 miles from Greensboro and is easy to get to as the freeways go there multiple times.

How far is it from Winston Salem to Myrtle Beach?

47 milesWhich beach is closest to Mebane NC?

Wrightsville Beach is North Carolina’s number one beach destination and the closest beach to Raleigh just 150 miles away.

How far is Winston Salem from Atlanta?

455.41 miles

Does Emerald Isle have a boardwalk?

The Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a 29-mile stretch of island on the lower outer coast between MoreheadCity and Jacksonville. Here you will experience a relaxed atmosphere, discover beautiful beaches and live in the most comfortable and luxurious vacation homes on the Crystal Coast.

How far is Winston Salem from Greensboro?

The road distance between WinstonSalem and Greensboro is 30 miles.

How far is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

The interior of the MyrtleBeach area has developed considerably since then. Myrtle Beach is located 108 miles off the highway southeast of Florence, SC, 151 miles northeast of Charleston, South Carolina, and 119 miles southwest of Wilmington, North Carolina.

How far is Lexington, NC from the coast?

Distance from Lexington, NC to CarolinaBeach, NC

How far is Charlotte from North Myrtle Beach?

It is 157.06 miles southeast of Charlotte to North Myrtle Beach and 294.51 miles by car, following SC 22 E. Charlotte and North Myrtle Beach are 3 hours 31 minutes apart if you go straight.

How far is Greensboro from the Outer Banks?

293 miles

how far is Greensboro from Raleigh?

81 miles

What can I do for free in Greensboro NC?

  • Greensboro Science Center. 3.7 miles. 113 votes.
  • Greensboro Children's Museum. 3.0 miles. 23 votes.
  • Wood of Terror on Church Street. 8.7 miles. 41 votes.
  • Greensboro Arboretum. 0.6 miles. 15 votes.
  • Center and International Museum for Civil Rights. 2.8 kilometers. 89 votes
  • National popular holiday. 2.9 miles.
  • Park in the city center. 2.8 miles.
  • Somewhere else. 2.9 miles.

Closest Beach To Charlotte Nc