Closed shop

Closed shop,

Definition of Closed shop:

  1. Place of employment bound by a union (collective bargaining) agreement to hire only the members of a particular union. This practice is generally illegal.

  2. A place of work where membership in a union is a condition for being hired and for continued employment.

How to use Closed shop in a sentence?

  1. If you are working under a closed shop you will have to tread lightly because you are always on the boundaries of the law.
  2. The organization was a closed shop which was shocking but sometimes unions gain so much power they cannot be stopped.
  3. Undoubtedly the freedom of association provisions were drafted with the intent of attacking unions, to break down so-called closed shops.
  4. I could not get the job cause I was informed it was a closed shop and I would have to join something beforehand.

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