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Close Position,

Close Position: What is the Meaning of Close Position?

  1. Close Position means: Closing a position means making a security deal against an open position, which eliminates and eliminates the initial threat. Closing a long position on security means selling while closing a short position on security means buying again. It is also very common to exchange ideas before the show to avoid exposure.

    • Closing a position means closing the trade by taking the opposite position. A short position means buying shares, while a long position means selling shares for a profit.
    • Closed positions are usually started by a trader, but in some cases they can be closed by a broker if certain conditions are met.

Literal Meanings of Close Position


Meanings of Close:
  1. Short or long distances in time or space.

  2. This refers to members of a family that is part of a surrounding family, usually a father or brother.

  3. (Observation, interrogation, etc.) done carefully and thoroughly.

  4. Not uncomfortable or packed.

  5. Another term for lama (7 meanings of adjectives)

  6. Anything that can be very close to someone or have a small space between them.

  7. Move or move to cover the hole.

  8. Take it or end it.

  9. (Company, Organization or Institution) has stopped working or is open to the public, permanently or at the end of the business day or in another period of time.

  10. Slowly move closer to something or other.

  11. End of event, period or activity.

  12. Especially close the doors.

Sentences of Close
  1. The hotel is close to the sea

  2. Family history of cancer in close relatives

  3. Pay close attention to what it says about your body.

  4. Fog day

  5. The mouthpieces are at a high altitude, which means that the tongue is in the same position as the tense heads, but it contracts a little less.

  6. They were standing at the door

  7. When the doors closed, I got on the train

  8. Members thanked for attending and the meeting ended.

  9. The factory lost 150 jobs

Synonyms of Close

assiduous, creep up, completion, get nearer, airless, pull to, stifling, conscientious, steamy, careful, shut, end, attentive, meticulous, come to an end, direct, dissolve, halt, conclusion, fuggy, near at hand


Meanings of Position:
  1. A place where someone or something was or was kept.

  2. A special way of keeping or organizing someone or something.

  3. Circumstances or circumstances, especially those that interfere with the ability to act.

  4. A person's point of view or attitude about something.

  5. As an investor of liquid assets in one or more markets at any one time, the status of an individual or institutional operator opens the contract.

  6. A sentence confirms or affirms a principle or statement.

  7. Put (someone or something) in a special place or in a special way or fix it.

Sentences of Position
  1. The emergency call revealed the status of the ship

  2. Brought to the position of lying

  3. The company's financial situation is bleak

  4. I will never accept your position on censorship.

  5. Merchants protect short positions

  6. First, with a little care when formulating doubts, contradictions can be easily avoided.

Synonyms of Position

situation, argument, situate, thinking, locate, standpoint, locality, locale, angle, stance, thoughts, slant, place, location, scene, site, sentiments, approach, plea, posture, state of affairs, ideas, stand, set, point, spot, point of view